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With Leah from freedom & coffee 

Gut and Brain Health – Interview with Leah From Freedom and Coffee

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Gut health is at the core of our optimal health because up to 80% of our immune system is dependent on the health of our digestive system. The digestive system includes the liver; our largest detox organ. I have personally been working with individuals since May 2020 to support removing toxins and heavy metals as I did to heal my hypothyroid with natural minerals. I wanted to do this interview with my friend Leah Anduiza as she has done a lot of her own research and to do a lot of freelance writing for health magazines and online articles etc. She currently has her blog: Freedom & Coffee We both are pro-freedom, particularly when choosing what goes into our bodies and those of our children. We both feel that having sovereignty over our body and those of our children is something worth chatting about. One way we both know, which evidence shows including that of the oldest forms of holistic health systems: Ayurveda and TCM both have known for centuries HOW important gut health is. Particularly the gut brain relationship, which now has more interest in the Western world particularly with functional medicine doctors who know HOW important this relationship really is for all areas of health, particularly also one’s mental health. The interview includes discussing our passion for freedom, truth and the gut/brain relationship. We also touch on natural ways to empower holistic health SO grateful we met and got to do this interview.

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