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Kangen Water and Black Oxygen Organics

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Alive structured Kangen water and black oxygen organics ancient minerals are the winning combination for the best, most optimal, empowered holistic health at the root.


Holistic health looks at how; the mind, body and spirit / emotion / energetic bodies work together. What causes imbalances and dis-ease at the root; seems to be a combination of an overload of toxins and a combination of deficiencies of what we need most to thrive.

Holistically also means looking at ways to prevent imbalances and dis-sease. Holistically also means the what and how to empower fully.

In this article that originated with my IG reel, which is super fun, I delve deeper into THE why; alive structured Kangen Water and its benefits and well as the incredible ancient minerals known as Black Oxygen Organics pure and potent fulvic and humic acid. Exploring this rich combination derived from nature, which offers true empowered optimal holistic health.

For short I refer to Black Oxygen Organics fulvic and humic acid as: BOO (so I will be using BOO interchangeably in this article) BUT first I want to talk about the alive, hydrogen rich, structured, alkalinizing Kangen water.

What Led Me to Kangen Water

I began using Kangen water at a health food store I was working at while in nutrition school in Vancouver, BC. It was my first exposure to Kangen Water and its many benefits and holistic health support.

Personally, while I was in nutrition school, at this time; I was diagnosed by a ND with hypothyroid. My TSH was 10.8 when I began. It was June 2018.

It turns out, which I did not know until this incident, as this time in British Columbia the NDs are the only NDs in the country allowed to also have the authority to prescribe medication. I was initially offered medication for my hypothyroid. I declined because I did not want to cover up the symptoms, I wanted to start on what the root cause was.

Being in nutrition school at the time and having previously loved the exploration of understanding the mind / body / spirit and what causes the imbalances I wanted to do just this; find out the root cause. Or I wanted at the least, explore the possible root cause before jumping into a path of medication.

Finding The Root Cause

I do think there can be a time and place for medication, and my own brother is still on a low dose medication for his autism. He has gone off twice, but so far, we have not managed fully successfully to get him off. He only began medication as a late teen.

I know it helps him, and some many find medication supportive. However, medication will never solve anything at the root cause, although it can be effective for managing symptoms and therefore may offer support for a period of time, or longer for some people suffering with symptoms that may be or feel unmanageable with.

I am not judging medication or people on medication, but I do feel when we directly explore the cause; it is more likely to offer long term healing and empower optimal health. I already knew at this time, as I offered bodywork and massage with kelp; a type of therapeutic massage common in France called: thalassotherapy; utilizing the benefits of iodine.

Healing With Iodine

Because of my background with iodine via thalassotherapy, and the knowledge that iodine is necessary for the hormonal system: the endocrine system; I delved even deeper into what is iodine. How does nascent iodine versus lugol’s iodine work, and that versus iodine from kelp differ? How and why is some iodine more bioavailable. As well as why the use of iodine differs in Europe significantly versus what is known about iodine and its effectiveness in North America.

I may do another blog post about this, but ultimately if you do your own research the best people I found in North America whose work is worth exploring is: Dr. Edward Group who is a functional medicine doctor and who’s nascent iodine: global healing group I love, and the most amazing work by Dr. David Brownstein.

Ultimately, at that time with my ND we began a healing protocol which included nascent iodine, zinc and selenium. I did not yet know about selenoexcell being most bioavailable, and that zinc from food like oysters is the most bioavailable. This has to do with the inorganic minerals vs organic and how structurally they work differently and are absorbed within the body. Ultimately, water too has a structure when it’s alive.

The Structure of Water

Although I am much more so, what I would describe myself as right brain; artsy, conceptual over straight logic, science and math, I love the value and universal truth of both math and science in particular in this regard with water under the category of chemistry.

We do not realise how healing and empowerment of optimal holistic health can be simple from nature, although I believe we are beginning to get back to these ways as the pendulum now more than ever has also shifted the other way with fear tactics to push ways that are less natural and less empowering. This is why I am so passionate to share these simple ways derived from nature that offer truly empowerment for holistic health at the root.

Healing at the Root with Kangen Water

This is why I am so completely passionate about living with structured water known to the world as Kangen. It began in Japan over four decades ago. It transforms regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water. It is a Japanese based internationally distributing company.

Kangen Water machines use the latest in scientific research and technology, merged with superior Japanese craftsmanship. It is the only water filtration system and alkaline-ionizer distributing company in the world with its own OEM manufacturing facility in Japan and ISO certified quality control processes.

All employees must master high-level technological knowledge and proficiency throughout the entire process, including development, production, supply, and service.

All machines are individually assembled by artisans and then inspected, tested, and certified by highly-trained QC engineers.

Iodine and the T3 and T4

Unfortunately, a lot of water is dead water, and is totally not alive. Plastic water bottles have too many chemicals and seep these toxins into our water.

A lot of water also has chlorine in it. Chlorine as too, fluoride competes with iodine. Unrefined salt also has iodine naturally in it, there is a great book called: The Salt Fix worth looking at as a side note. Iodine is essential for the endocrine system, which is part of why I studied iodine while I was healing my hypothryoid. There are hormone disruptors, and on the other end of the spectrum hormonal supporters.

T4 and T3 are important hormones produced by the thyroid gland. Each molecule of T4 and T3 is made up of a protein and iodine (in the form of iodide). T4 contains 4 molecules of iodide and T3 contains 3 molecules of iodide – hence the names T4 and T3.

Going back to water and how this is important to understand also about the hormonal system; In regard to well water and spring water: we don’t have the purity we once did or alkalinity. We now see more heavy metals and toxins in our waters. However, spring water is alive and structured molecularly, it is not as pure as it once was, causing disruption to the hormonal system. Heavy metals and toxins are known as increasing the toxin load as well as being hormone disruptors. Also, the liver metabolises our hormones, and is the main detox organ, which must work much harder to remove these disruptors.

Dr. Gerald Pollack

A bit about structured living water and how it supports all systems including especially the endocrine/hormonal system. Chemists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and medical doctors graduating today (right now!) are not learning about the existence of structured water. That is, unless they were residents in Professor Gerald Pollack’s laboratory at the University of Washington.

In his book The Fourth Phase of Water (published 2013) Dr. Pollack describes exactly what structured water is and discusses the mountains of scientific data from his experiments over the last several years.

While it may take awhile before you can discuss structured water with an MD or even ND, a functional medicine doctor may be able to discuss and/or scientists who know the work of Dr. Pollack’s book, Dr.Emoto work and/or the documentary: the secret of water. These three resources from what I have found seem to be excellent places to start to better understand what is alive, structured water.

Truly when you open your heart to what’s reel:
The truth sets you free!! This is how I felt making the reel, because the truth will set you freeeeeeee.

A Brief Summary on Kangen Water

Alive structured water is KEY for hydration, pushing out toxins and so much more!!

  • Can drink Kangen Water and/or bath in it
  • Deeply hydrating
  • Alkalinizing
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Supports gut health
  • Hydrogen rich to support all organs and systems to work more optimally
  • Especially supports the lymphatic support
  • Especially supports the circulatory support

#kangenwater    #kangenalivewater    #kangenstructuredwater    #kangenalkalinewaterTo better understand how Kangen Water works or to look into ordering a Kangen Water system, please click on my affiliate link below.

Combining Kangen Water and Black Oxygen Organics

When we mix ancient pure, and potent minerals from BOO (Black Oxygen Organics) WITH alive structured Kangen Water the combination is so rich and powerful!! Truly an amazing combination for empowering optimal holistic health at the root, and ALSO to prevent imbalances and dis-ease.

Information from The Black Oxygen Organics Website states: fulvic acid is the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter. Organic matter is just a fancy way of saying peat bog.

When extracted, purified and delivered in a liquid supplement form, it carries all the nutritional information, antioxidant capacity and genetic coding of everything in that decomposed matter.

We know the fundamental building blocks of our bodies are the same as other organisms so it only makes sense to nourish your body with what it is made of, optimizing regeneration and repair.

The Healing Power of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is extraordinary in how many bodily functions and systems it supports. It is essential to the metabolic processes of living cells and helps correct cell imbalances. Due to its nanite size, fulvic acid moves easily into cells, including crossing the blood brain barrier. It bonds to nutrients, carrying up to sixty times its molecular weight in nutrition into the cell.

It also bonds to waste inside the cell, removing up to sixty times its weight in toxins, heavy metals, pollutants and pesticides.

Free radicals are toxic by-products that cause significant cellular damage. Each cell in your body can be hit by up to 10,000 free radicals per day and they need to be neutralized in order to not ravage living cells and tissue. To be neutralized each free radical needs a donor electron.

One molecule of fulvic acid can donate fourteen tera-trillion electrons. That’s twenty-one zeros! It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons, rendering free radicals harmless. It then alters the mineral to new useable compounds or eliminates them as waste. The Science of Black Oxygen Organics is fascinating!

These ancient minerals assist with enzyme production, hormone structures and are necessary for the absorption and utilization of vitamins.

Since for me; removing heavy metals and toxins was key in my healing hypothyroid at the root, this natural way with alive structured water and ancient pure and potent minerals that push out heavy metals and toxins and keep the body alkalized is absolutely key for empowering optimal holistic health.

Mineral Deficiencies At The Root

Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, is famous for connecting over 900 different health problems to deficiencies of the 90 Essential Nutrients that the body does not make. His self-evaluative questionnaire is extremely helpful.

This is key I believe, as stated by the two times Nobel Laureate, Dr Linus Pauling.

You could trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Dr. Linus Pauling

Approximately 99% of the human body is composed of minerals, yet minerals are generally overlooked when nutrition is considered. It is well known that the human body requires at least 60 minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state.

If this information is indeed true, it’s easy to understand why sickness is so prevalent throughout the world, even in technologically advanced countries. The body can utilize minerals without vitamins, but vitamins and most other nutrients are basically useless in the absence of minerals.

Minerals are needed for optimal holistic health, and are a simple solution from nature! The key though is the purity and potency of the minerals, and that is why Black Oxygen Organics fulvic and humic acid is so amazing to deliver these minerals to this level of purity and potency we do not see every day, that is so easily absorbable.

A Brief Summary of Black Oxygen Organics

You can use it by: bathing, drinking it, tongue mask (especially great for candida), and a face mask for soft beautiful glowing skin. Safe while pregnant, with other medication (no contraindication) and children and babies.

I am not sharing this information to diagnose or cure, check with your health care provider before trying anything new.

With BOO LOW and slow is key. Staying hydrated is also key, to push out toxins and remineralise easiest.

Please reach out for more information! Also mentioned in my original IF post with the reel.

  • 6,000 year old ancient minerals are so pure and potent
  • Fulvic pushes out toxins while deeply remineralizing
  • Adaptogenic properties
  • Hormone balancing support
  • Highest in natural electrolytes
  • Supports weight management
  • Improves digestion: includes natural pro- and prebiotics
  • Lymphatic and circulatory support
  • Clear skin support (as supports the liver. The liver is often connected to skin imbalances. The liver is the largest deto organ)
  • #healthattheroot     #blackoxygenorganics    #blackoxygenorganicsfulvicacid    #blackoxygenorganicshumicacid    #blackoxygenancientmineralsTo better understand how Black Oxygen Organics works or to look into ordering some, please click on my affiliate link below.


    Our educational facebook group has grown in a few weeks from 11k people to over 20k

    People are healing and increasing their optimal health in record numbers. As a registered holistic nutritionist I have never seen anything like it!!! It has literally blown my mind to what is possible. Also my pup who had a tumour has shrunk significantly adding boo to her food.

    Unfortunately we are SO depleted in our soil from the purity and potency of minerals BUT this is why remineralizing in this way offers true rebalancing and homeostasis!

    I’ve done a ton of my only healing with skin imbalances, eczema, tinea versicolor, ADHD, anxiety, depression and hypothyroid most recently, which took me on this goose chase of more deeply understanding heavy metals and toxins and deficiencies.

    I thought removing the toxins, heavy metals and parasites was enough, and it’s a BIG Part of healing. BUT ultimately, we NEED rich, pure, potent minerals and clean, alive, alkaline rich water to thrive! Alive structured Kangen Water: and ancient Black Oxygen Organic minerals is the winning combination for empowered optimal holistic health.

    As a registered holistic nutritionist, I feel so truly honoured and blessed to be able to have this truth at my fingertips and offer support and guidance to empower true optimal holistic health at the root: with alive structured Kangen Water, and Black Oxygen Organics pure and potent fulvic and humic acid (ancient minerals).

    Why survive, when you CAN thrive with empowered optimal holistic health!


    How do you feel?? Feel nothing but the truth, peace, prosperity, love and gratitude

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    She is a graduate of CSNN and a registered holistic nutritionist since 2019. Her love for holistic health and wellness includes these forms of education and certifications: yoga teacher level I (2005), reflexologist (2008), bodywork and massage (2012), rainbow kids yoga (2014), reiki level II (2017-2018).

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