Kyle Nickell CBD Testimonial

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Hello, Evi OMsGurl here.

This is my interview on facebook live using streamyard on January 18, 2020. I wanted to interview Kyle who I knew had experienced the benefits of CBD. I am still learning about how the cannabinoid system works and how CBD can benefit us individually holistically. I love both the broad spectrum which has 0 THC and the full spectrum (less than 0.3% THC to be sold legally) It seems a lot of connoisseurs of CBD prefer the full spectrum, but it is amazing to hear these testimonials how either can benefit individuals. It also seems as Kyle mentioned experiencing the benefits may take up to a week to really be felt. So if you are trying CBD give it up to a week being consistent with it. Love this pure organic CBD made with hemp oil (omega 3, good omega6, 9).

PM me for more information, and/or comments. Do you have a testimonial about how CBD has impacted your life??

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