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I speak about in this vlog:

HOW being a freethinker, can support your journey in healing from the root cause.


I offered the example of HOW the work of Dr.Joe Dispenza is providing healing opportunities to people from all walks of life by learning from the inside out (mind over body) to heal.

This is his link with many resources:

His Rewired series on I feel is also excellent for understanding the science, as well as bridging the “spiritual” aspect to HOW the mind over body can lead to our best life including healing at the root.

Free thinker

What is a free thinker?


According to (

A free thinker is:  “A person who thinks freely or independently: one who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority

especially : one who rejects or is skeptical of religious dogma”


Another dictionary definition says this:


“A person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief.”


Here is one article writer’s perspective of being a free thinker from:


1-you are curious

2-your job is not your life

3-you listen more than you speak

4-you don’t argue you debate

5-you are creative

6-you are weird

7-you question authority

8-you know a lot more than others

9-you consume media differently

10-you don’t pay attention to brands and labels



What do you feel or think a free thinker is?

Does being a free thinker have benefits?


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